The Evolution of Casino Comps and Loyalty Programs

Casinos know that in an increasingly competitive market, loyalty is key to customer retention. They understand the power of comping drinks, food and rooms can transform casual relationships into ones built upon genuine friendship. Comps are services and goods provided free by casinos as a thank-you for their gambling activity, such as snacks and beverages, […]

The Stock Market and Gambling: Parallels and Differences

Although both gambling and stock market trading involve financial risk, many people associate the two with different activities. Investments like GICs, government or corporate bonds, mutual funds, and blue-chip stocks tend to be considered low risk activities that yield positive expected returns through skill and knowledge-based approaches. Investing Gambling offers immediate results; unlike investing which […]

Casino Game Innovations

Skill-based casino games provide an enhanced gameplay experience for players. Such games encourage player retention while offering them a sense of achievement and fulfillment. TITO allows casinos to pay winnings by printing tickets rather than counting coins – an invaluable advantage for both players and operators alike. Technology is constantly advancing, and gambling industry innovation […]