Have a chance to take home a brand-new Tesla, $2.1 Million, and other big prizes!

BC.GAME is currently doing a major giveaway event for World Cup fans and bettors in relation to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which takes place in Qatar. Coco’s Carnival is the main event, providing the prizes for the event. The event will contain a prize pool of up to $2.1 million, a brand-new Tesla, and a jersey signed by Lionel Messi himself. Take advantage of the chance to win one of these fantastic prizes by participating in the giveaway!

Win $2.1M in World Cup Wager Contest by Coco’s Carnival at BC.GAME

You can win $2.1 million by participating in the World Cup Wager Contest hosted by Coco’s Carnival at BC. GAME. If you wage one dollar, you can get a lot more for it. One dollar is equal to ten cup coins in wagering. You can also earn anywhere from one hundred to one thousand cup coins by logging in to the event website daily. If you invite more people, you will not only have more chances to win, but you will also receive more cup coins. Don’t risk missing the chance to have and get your share in this prize pool of $2.1M. This event will run from November 20 until December 19, 2022.

Coco’s Mega Giveaway

Don’t pass up the opportunity to win some amazing stuff! There is going to be a massive giveaway at Coco’s Carnival and you can win a brand new Tesla if you qualify!

Joining the Mega Giveaway will give you a chance to win up to $160,000. On November 20, you can get $30,000 for the grand giveaway; even if your VIP level is low, you will still be able to join this giveaway.

If you are in VIP level 5 and above, you can have a chance to win $10,000 on November 24 by joining the Thanksgiving giveaway.

VIP level 30 players and above will have the chance to win $30,000 for the mid-tier great giveaway. And finally, the players with VIP level 70 and above will have a chance to win $160,000 or a brand-new Tesla in The Final Essence Shockwave giveaway on November 30.

All you have to do is follow the tasks given to be able to join this series of giveaways; just as easy as that. These events only last until the end of this month. Come and join to have a chance to bring home one of these prizes.

How to Partake in the World Cup 2022 Parlays Battle?

More exciting rewarding events await BC.GAME players.

Ten VIP players will each have the opportunity to win $1,500 if they win the multi-bet betting on the World Cup 2022 Parlays Battle match. Players must win at least six times their original wager by betting on at least three matches. The grand prize will be awarded to the players with the highest multipliers. In addition, any eligible entry will also receive a share from the pool. This begins on November 21 at 13:30 pm GMT and continues through December 3, 2022, at 13:30 pm GMT.

To participate in this event, make sure to comply to the following:

  • You will need to post your Ticket ID and Parlay link as a reply to their thread, together with the screenshot of your accumulated ticket.
  • By participating in this challenge, users agree that BC.Game has the sole authority to determine the outcome and placement.
  • Each household is only allowed one (1) entry. A participant will be disqualified from the prior competition and any further competitions they participate in if they win more than one prize.
  • All wagers are required to be placed within the time limit mentioned earlier. When the allotted time has passed, this thread will automatically lock itself. The entry will be canceled if users don’t follow the guidelines. Any canceled or cashed-out bets won’t be taken into account.

More details are here: https://forum.bc.game/topic/12038-1500-world-cup-2022-parlays-battle/

Wanna see more events? Check them out here:

  • https://worldcup.bc.game/
  • https://forum.bc.game/forum/101-sportsbook-promotions/

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