Online Casinos With Highest Bonuses

 Today with advancement in technology people remain in contact with each other by means of internet. Whether it is shopping or paying bills everything is done being online. So as a part of recreational activity online gaming is introduced. Blue magic casino is a website that allows you to have full enjoyment and earn some hard cash.  Blue magic casino is a reputed site and it also provides lot of bonus offer.

Large number of online casino provides you with bonus when you sign up at the website. And the bonus offer continues if you are a regular player at their online casino. Providing bonus offer is as a means of marketing strategy so that when player once sign up on their site he will return to play more and make more deposit of real money casino. Since it is commitment by the player who sign up on a particular website therefore certain amount of money is deposited into their account as bonus amount. Now the entire casinos have a house edge. Therefore a betting amount is required and from that it becomes certain that no player can run away with the money of the casino. And if the amount of bet is high he may deposit more money after the bonus amount.

Online casino may specify certain amount of betting amount to all its players.

Non cashable bonus

There are two types of non cashable bonus. Firstly sticky bonus, it remains in the player account until it is lost. The second type is the phantom bonus; it will no longer be there when the player cashes out. The difference between the two types of non cashable bonus becomes prominent at cash out time.

Comp point

Comp points are very common in land based casino but some casino provides this facility online also. We can exchange the comp points for cash, gifts and other type of comp points. As the amount of cash which is given per bet is very small certain players wish to collect comp points. The amount of cash depends on the basis of game also. Comp points can also be in form of free ticket in bingo game, allowing you to play a poker tournament for free and many more.

Bonus hunting

Bonus hunting is also known as bonus bagging and bonus whoring. It is a type of benefit gambling where turning a profit from bingo halls, poker rooms is scientifically possible.

Bonus disputes

A fairly large number of problems faced by online casino are because of the bonus. It is possible that both the player as well as the casino is a con. A type of con done by the players can be in the form of making large number of account by a single player on the same website just to gain a sign up bonus. A type of con done by a casino can be in form of changing the terms and condition of bonus offer or changing the amount of bonus money once the paler have made an account on the website.

Play a safe game and learn about the website perfectly before signing up!!!

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