Card Games for Parties and Group Entertainment

Card games make an excellent icebreaker at parties because they require minimal upkeep and storage space; some compact enough to carry along in your bag or carry-on are even suitable!

Play this icebreaker with your friends to break the ice and kickstart conversation! A rotating judge selects cards with humorous meme captions, which must then be answered by each player in turn.

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is an exciting word comparison game designed for all ages, published originally by Out of the Box Publishing before being purchased by Mattel in 2007.

One player acts as the judge during each round. Once revealed, they reveal a Green Apple card with an adjective written on it such as popular, timeless or zany and the other players secretly select one Red Apple card they believe best fits with this adjective from their hand – this card will then be presented back to the judge who will select their favorite based on which Red Apple card best matches its description on the Green Apple card and declare their winner!

Each round is filled with surprising and outrageous comparisons of people, places, things and events – which may either be hilariously amusing or dull and boring depending on who’s playing! There are various variations to the game such as Apple Potpourri or 2 for 1 Apples which allow multiple rounds at the same time for faster-paced play and more cards available!

Who Can Do It?

Who Can Do It is the perfect party game for those seeking an entertaining yet challenging competition among friends. Featuring 250 action cards that set players against one another in hilarious challenges such as drinking from a glass with a spoon and changing their phone background image to that of a bald man, Who Can Do It will keep the laughter going while your opponents strive to achieve their own unique goals.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to score seven points by responding correctly to questions based on criteria on a card drawn and read out loud by a judge. When this task has been accomplished successfully, they become judge and remain so until someone else answers correctly and takes over as judge themselves. The first person answering correctly keeps their card and becomes the new judge!

The rules of the game are relatively straightforward, yet its depth lies in its element of synchronization: Each player must name something fitting their category quickly – any hesitation or repeated answers mean they’re out! This game provides an opportunity to see who can come up with more spontaneous answers!

Never Have I Ever?

Never Have I Ever is an entertaining icebreaker game suitable for any group size. Each participant begins the game by holding up 10 fingers; any time someone says something they haven’t done yet, players drop one. The last person with 10 up fingers wins! Additionally, this drinking game can also provide an opportunity to get to know new people better; best suited for people over 21.

Players playing this clean version of this game can distribute soda or bubble gum pieces as part of an exchange and whenever someone makes an accusatory statement against them they must take a sip from their beverage or bite into their gum piece if applicable. It can be changed up with non-alcoholic options as desired.

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What Do You Meme?

If you enjoy memes online, then this game is a must-have! Featuring photo and caption cards that can be combined to form hilarious memes, its rules are simple – whoever is the active player throws an image card into the center while all others use text cards from their hand to form captions for it before secretly submitting their choices with one going best with each image card submitted by everyone else.

Winner receives one point and next active player takes over. Keep playing until someone reaches a predetermined number of points or rounds are played out.

The original edition of this game is intended for adults only due to some of its content; the Family Edition offers a more family-friendly experience by eliminating some of the adult cards and offering alternative content instead.

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